Grief Around Us

Grief is internal. No one sees it unless the person makes it known, however, it is highly unlikely for a person to show their constant grief every second of the day. To explain, I am writing this article on March 31st, 2020 at 4:51pm and already 113,253 have died today. Any friend, loved one, or even the stranger that saw them everyday at the deli, is going to be left behind with some form of grief. If every day, 100,000 people died, and each of them left 10 people behind grieving, this would leave 1 million people grieving for a life-time after. Do you really think you are going to see these people's signs of grief every single moment of each day? 

While it may not be your grief and it may not be physically noticeable, always be mindful of what people are going through. Please be kind to one another. Your small act of kindness can truly change someone's day. As you might be aware of the idea that no one understands your emotions fully, that same principle applies to you not understanding others' emotions completely. Please just treat everyone with kindness, if possible.

Or at least just don't punch anyone, okay?

I love you, you crazy person♡