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Grief Buddies

Connection. Conversation. Friendship.

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Get in touch with someone with a similar story as yours

Need to talk to someone who understands what you're going through? Complete this questionnaire and we'll try to find you a friend to talk to!

(NOTE: We ask for your email to contact you and we give you the option of providing your phone number. We will only ever use your phone number to contact you; we will not use it to send any other messages. If you only provide us with your email, please check your emails so that we can match you with someone more quickly and there are less issues. If you would prefer a different form of contact, let us know)

Thanks for submitting! Remember that you are loved and not alone in your grief.

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Join the Team

Click on the link below to apply to become part of this team to help it grow. If this doesn't interest you but you still want to be involved, scroll down to learn more!

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